Here is the first woman in the world talking about Hydrogelotology (how to creatively laugh in water)

There will be an Italian protagonist at the Annual Laughter Yoga Convention 2017, that will be held at Illinois Beach Resort from 6th to 8th October 2017 in the USA. Personally selected, as special guest, by the indian laughter Guru. Doctor Madan Kataria, creator in 1995 of the Laughter Yoga, Sabina Gerin, from Monfalcone, is de factu the first person in the world to have combined the Conscious Laughter in the Water and now, as Laughter Yoga Teacher and creator of the Aqua Laughter Methodology, she will have the real possibility to present it to the world and start its promotion in every continent, as this discipline deserves. The topics she will present are published in the graduation thesis written in collaboration with Doctor Nicola Bertoni e with Professor Riccardo Avon, teacher at FIN, Italian Swimming Federation: Laughter in Water: a new motoric skill ( Udine University, medical area department, Course of Motoric Sciences) in her speech of 30 minutes, these are: - Hydrogelotology (what is, how was it born and researche till now) - AquaLaughter method (format description) - Usage of laughter to face, fight and overcome hydrophobia, depression and stress In addition to the 30 minutes speech, there will be 2 applied sessions (one hour long each) where participants to the Convention will test in the swimming pool: - The body and breathing consciousness - The recognition of own motoric skills - the fundamentals aquatic motoric schemes (body immersion, breathing education, static and dynamic equilibrium - voluntary laughters that become spontaneous Will it be this the occasion to bring in all italian and worlwide swimming pools and in every water basin the good feeling that has been lowering during years, being all always more conditioned by stress and growing depression? This is an interesting question that the future will reveal, but every step made in this direction will draw the best possible future. Laughter yoga website hyperlink Articolo di Alberto Terzi, International Laughter Yoga Teachers e co-autore dei libri delle Edizioni La Meridiana: 1) Yoga della risata, scritto con Madan Kataria, Simonetta Marchionni e Laura Toffolo 2) Leader di risate, scritto con Bruna Ferrarese 3) l’Abbracciosofia del buonumore, scritto con Giulia Terzi DESCRIPTION Laughter Yoga USA is pleased to announce our annual Laughter Yoga Retreat and Convention, which will be held in the Chicago area this year, at the Illinois Beach Resort in Zion, IL. For more information about Laughter Yoga, please visit, a newly-formed non-profit organization which serves to promote the globlal message of Laughter Yoga for health, happiness & peace and who's mission is also to unite Laughter Yoga professionals in the Untited States. Our organization is to help sprread laughter and to reduce stress and to bring people together through laughter. Our annual retreat and convention is open to all, no experience necessary with Laughter Yoga. All you need is a willingness to laugh more, to be playful and to focus on bringing more postitive energy to your life through laughter. We have an impressive line-up of special guests and presenters,which will offer a variety of educational and inspirational talks and scientific evidence on the importance of laughter and playfulness. Previous attendees have inclueded: Laughter Yoga professionals, laughter club members, social workers, therapists, medical professionals, life and wellness coaches, yoga instructors, motivational speakers, teachers, psychologists, writers, journalists, and others. Everyone is welcome to join in and to learn more about the benefits of a mindful,dailly laughter practice. Come and meet the founders of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria and Madhuri Kataria , who will be traveling from Bangalore, India to share the latest in Laughter Yoga and meet attendees. We hope to see you there!